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The Walkerton Gun Club was established in 1943 and offers four ranges for recreational shooting and to hone hunting skills.

We offer a 50 and 100 yard rifle range, a 25 and 50 yard outdoor handgun range and a standard 5 station trap range with handicap lanes up to 27 yards.
Our club is open to members and their guests, every day of the week... all year round.

Dividing Wall Construction
We would like to thank everyone that has volunteered their time and expertise to build this wall.
This wall divides the 25 yard and 50 yard ranges.
New Dividing Wall

Our new 100 yd. Bench is now open!

Thanks to all who helped with the construction.
New 100 yard Bench

Breaking News...

  • Gun Club is now Open
    Please adhere to all of the provincial guidelines and group size. Physical distancing / hand washing etc. Bring your own PPEs and bench mat, if you wish. The Pandemic is not over. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray are provided at all shooting benches and in Clubhouse. Use before & after your visit. Take your target boards home, so you don’t have to sanitize them and bring them back next time.
  • Existing Member 2020 Membership
    Was due by January 31, 2020. ATT holders - if you did not renew your membership for 2020 before 31 Jan 2020, your ATT privileges will be canceled, per CFO.
  • Club Member Meetings 2020  
    Tuesday, May 5
    Members will be notified when a meeting is possible
    Tuesday, October 27
    Tuesday, December 8

    Attend the member meetings to have your say about what happens at your gun club. See you then! See Calendar
  • Club ID Cards
    ALL members MUST wear their CLUB ID card when shooting and at all Meetings. You will not be allowed in if you have no card.
  • PAL, Restricted & Hunting Courses
    ***ALL courses are held at
    Outback Sports, RR#1 Hanover, ON
    Call 519.364.6057 for more information
  • Visitor Fee $5
    Please ensure that when you bring a visitor with you to the gun club, you fill out the visitor form in full. Deposit it along with the $5 for each visitor in the wooden box beside the sign in book. This fee is for insurance purposes.